Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Parking Only

| Fashion |

| So Alive - Gill Bondy |

 | Cropped Top - Monki | High Waisted Jeans - Monki | Heels - Zara | Choker - Haidora | Necklace - Flea Market | Earings - Flea Market |

Omg a parking lot? I don't think anyone has ever taken pictures in parking lots ever. I mean, who even does that? I'm sorry for being so pretentious but what can I say. Never miss a opportunity for a  great photo shoot spot, when you have an empty parking lot in sight. 

I was writing in my Dayre the other day, and I was wondering why I don't write stuff like this on my blog. So I'm going to start writing more stuff about what I really do in my life rather than only writing when I have something really inspirational to share, because lets me real. I am only human and not everyday is an incredibly inspirational experience. But the other days are just days when everything is normal and somewhat mundane, but I appreciate those days because nothing really great happened, but nothing really bad happened as well.

The highlights of my past month was well first, I was walked past a homeless man on the way to work. I felt so bad because I just got my first pay (as an intern) and I felt like I needed to give back. Lol look at me. So I was feeling generous so I gave him RM20. There was about RM10 in my purse left (which I will later on regret only having). I read somewhere in the bible that you give everything, even if you have nothing or something like that, and I was feeling like being a good person for a day. The homeless man was so happy, and he said something to me like "my shirt is really old" in Malay. I didn't really know what he was saying cause he was mumbling, just something along those lines.  I just nodded my head and smiled and walk away. The next day, I had to grab an uber to work. I usually use my debit card, but that morning it didn't work, because the charges for the last trip was RM0.95 (yes I am very lazy to walk at times) and the minimum amount charged to a debit card is RM1. I was freaking out because I was running late, and as you could recall, I gave my RM20 in my purse to the freaking homeless man. I had to use my dad's credit card to pay for the RM0.95 before ordering my next uber, therefore being slightly late to work. I told my mom the story the next day and she said it such as stupid move. I don't think anyone has ever called a person stupid for giving money to a homeless man before. Considering the circumstances, I understand why it would be stupid.

I also met the nicest uber driver in the past month as I was working. He was a retired man, with a brand new car, which he said he just got the day I was riding in his uber! He also said that this was his 7th car, as you do. I ended up telling him about my whole life with the internship and what I was studying. I was so surprised at how interested he was. He also kept encouraging me and was just the nicest guy. I don't think I've had any stranger be so supportive to me before. Even though, he kept missing the turns Waze was directing him and even though my trip was made about 15 minutes longer, only because he was engrossed in our conversation I didn't mind. It was refreshing to say the least. I will definitely carry his advice with me till I eventually reach my goal.

I guess that was just how my life went so far. Only after I edited the photos did I realize how gangster I look here. Its the red lipstick, I swear to you. This outfit is an outfit I wear casually. I'm having lots of fun editing my photos this way. I take my time doing them, as I want them to be up to my satisfaction. Go listen to So Alive by Gill Bondy if you haven't already. That song is probably the music playing in the background of like my whole daily life (I mean, as I imagined it la).  I've been playing it on repeat. Till next time!

Rachel Khloe Phan