Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Back to school

| Fashion |

| Roses - Carly Rae Jepsen |

| Pinafore Dress & Shirt - Zara | Socks - H&M | Boots - Topshop | Bracelet- Gift | Necklace - Flee Market | Watch - Tissot | 

I remember when I was 7. I got to school on the first day, and saw everyone around me crying and hugging their parents. I was wondering why they were so sad. I didn't understand what was so bad about going to school. My mom waited outside my classroom for about 15 minutes, until I told her she could go home if she wanted to. I told her I'll be just fine. And that story is still being told today, over and over again by my mom whenever this topic comes up.

Whenever I was in either primary or secondary school, I always wanted school to end. I was literally counting down the days till I get to get out of that place. Truth be told, I'm actually quite happy to finally be done with school. But I don't quite miss school as much as I think I do now. Getting into college is still fine, I don't really feel it that much. But when I started working, damn I feel it so much more. 

When I was desperately seeking for an internship, I was running from one interview to another. I need to constantly wait for a hopeful call back. During this time, I just kept thinking about school. I kept thinking what a privilege it was for me to have everything prepared and planned for me. I had no worries about my education for a good 10 years, as I had school to go to. And I'm not saying that school was easy, because we all had problems and things we had to go through. But everything was planned for us, and we just needed to go through with it. I can't say its the same for the working adult life. Its never certain, and everything feels like we're constantly walking on glass. I definitely do not want to go back to school, I just kinda miss it.

For my quirky outfit, I played around with the irony of this whole look looking like our primary school uniform we use in Malaysia. It looks so similar and I thought it would be cute to bring it back in my wardrobe. This dress is not the actual uniform! Do not be alarmed, this is a pinafore shirt I bought at Zara. I love this dress/shirt combo together especially with the cute pockets at the front that can be extremely handy. I paired the dress/shirt with high socks that matches the dress and added heeled boots. I wore this charm bracelet that was given to me from Jasmine, one of my closest friends who gave this bracelet to me when I was like 15 or 16? I thought it would give more meaning to this outfit as well. I also added a watch because I always had go to school with a watch just because I had so many duties to attend to. I added a long-ish necklace to fill the empty whites and tied my hair into a half bun. 

I thought this would be nice to add this blog post as all the American's are putting out things like "Back to School" videos and blog post now but sorry, Malaysians ain't got no such thing. OH! How do you like my new editing? I got inspired to try something new. The last time I changed the editing, I wasn't very pleased with the outcome as it took too much time and I didn't really like the final look. But I'm quite happy with how this edit turned out. I took my time and had fun playing around trying different things that ended up looking like so. Hope you guys like the new editing as well. Until next time!

Rachel Khloe Phan