Thursday, 12 May 2016

Road Trippin'

| Fashion |

| Drive - Glades |

| Flannel - Esprit (Mens) | Crop Top - Forever 21 | Shorts - Cotton On | Socks - Monki | Chain Necklace - H&M |

Road trips are probably one of the things I get most excited about. I use to go on 8 hour road trips with my grandparents ever since I was at least 5. They would always tell me how I would put on this particular CD and sang through all the songs, and then just repeat the whole CD again throughout the whole road trip. I've been on road trips for squash tournaments that lasted for at least 8 hours with at least 10 players in a huge bus. I've been on road trips with my friends that trained me to sleep with blasting EDM music playing in the background. And most of all, I've been on road trips with my family, whom was the sole reason why I've traveled to every state in Malaysia. I've had my handful of road trips, and had the most awesome time on each one.

If you are looking into renting a car for any sort of distance you wish to travel, do check out Turo. Turo is a car rental company, where you can rent a car from their many selections of cars, as well as list your own car for rental. Some of their renters leaves CD's or even a custom playlist for their renter while they are hitting the road. I also provided a playlist that I would use while I am road trippin', which is linked down below to my Spotify playlist. Go and check out Turo the next time you are thinking of hitting the road. The link to their website as well as their car rental page is down below.

Music is such a personal thing. Everyone has their own taste in music and that is more than okay. My music playlist might not appeal to everyone but it's just what I love to jam. I can never be that person that can add 8 hours worth of music into a playlist. I am so picky with the music I listen to, I usually never go more than 2 hours worth of music in my playlist. But I have been listening and exploring new music so that I can provide a 5 hour 2 minute playlist for a road trip, which was the best I could do. I would say the genre I listen to is a mix of Indie, Electric Pop and Alternative music. Most of these songs are songs I picture in movies when the actors and actresses are driving down a long road in a car and the roof is down and these songs would be playing in the background. I love that feeling of acting like I'm in a movie looking out the window, especially when I'm driving or in the car. There are a bunch of throwback songs in there as well. So enjoy and click the Spotify link below to my road trip playlist. I hope you guys like it.

The outfit is just a classic road trip outfit for me. Nothing can be more comfortable to keep you warm and to snuggle in to sleep, than a flannel. I always wear shorts because it gets really hot and uncomfortable if you wear long pants. I spent about half and hour braiding my hair which was pretty hard but look how nice it turned out! A backpack is always advisable when going on road trips. They would just be able to fit everything in, and its easy when you are going in and out. 

From 5 a.m. starts to taking naps in the car, to eating tons of junk food and soda's overload, to having to stop and pee after someone literally just went the stop before. Road trips are freaking awesome. I encourage everyone to go on road trips, as much as you can. I think what makes road trips so fun is because everyone is finally stuck in the same car for a long period of time, enjoying each other's company, instead of always being apart.

Love, Rachel Khloe Phan

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