Friday, 8 January 2016

A Socks Frenzy

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     This sudden obsession with socks is getting out of control. In the time span of just 1 week, I have gotten myself 8 pairs of socks. I just get so excited when I see all these printed socks hanging on the racks that I just can't resist leaving with at least  pair. And it doesn't help that there is sale on the socks rack in nearly every shop I go into. I really got influenced by the people in my school that is probably starting this trend. I always see people walking around school in such cool looking, printed socks that goes from their ankles all the way to their knees. I thought it was a really cool trend that I could (try) and rock. Most of these socks I've gotten does have a black and grey base, just because I think it would be much easier to match with whatever I am wearing. I'm not too ready to wear very colorful ones (yet). So if you love these socks and would like to try adding them to your outfits, then join me in this socks madness. Locations as to where I bought these awesome socks from are down below.  
      Be sure to see future blog posts to featuring these socks. 
H&M (Mens)

Rachel Khloe Phan

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!


| 2015, the year of taking chances |

| Take Me Home- Jess Glynne |

    2015. Two zero one five. 20 to the 15. 2 zero 15. There can be so many ways I can say 2015 to you, but there is is no way I can express to you, though a blog post what an incredible 2015 I've had.
    Looking back at what has happened, I can say that there were times where I felt the smallest person in the world and there were times when I felt like nothing in the world could stop me from ever being this happy. There were times when I looked at everyone around me and felt completely alone and there were times when I felt the most belonged.
    I have compiled a few lessons I have learned in 2015. So these are my top 5 things I've learnt in 2015. Warning, this is going to be a really long blog post.

1. Working hard does not always guarantee success.
I've spent days staying up until 5 a.m., having only 3 hours of sleep, working my butt off to add more embellishments, to add more detailing, this and that. But in the end, I did not do so well as I thought I would. Working hard is something I have always strove to do, and that is really great don't get me wrong. And what I've learned is that, you should never ever stop working hard just because of one thing you did that you put your heart and soul in, but did not achieve. Life is like that, life sucks that way. But it doesn't mean that you should stop working hard. It means you have to work harder for what you want and one day, I am sure that all your hard work will pay off.

2. Don't ever assume.
I've met people at the start of 2015, thinking that they were totally different people than what I know of them now. If I could go back to start of 2015 me, I would tell myself that there is always more than what you actually see. That everyone has a much bigger story to themselves than when you first met them. I figured this out one day when I was having a really bad day, and had all these thoughts about school, friends, and even boys were clouding my mind. And I distinctively remember standing in a public area with tons of people walking around me and wondered if they were going though same thing I was. And the truth is that they were, but with a different plot and different names and different places. I've learned that now. And now I walk along the streets or even looking outside the window of my car and look at the the faces of people differently. I will always now wonder what their story is, and how I would want to know every single word. This also gives me a sense of comfort that we are all humans, and it is completely normal to feel this way.

3. Don't be afraid of taking fucking chances.
Go and ask that guy out, go and be the one to ask your friends if they wanna go catch this really weird convention, go and accept the risk of taking on a big assignment, go and eat that last slice of chicken, go and try that thing you always said you wouldn't do. DO IT BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS LIKE. You deserve to know the experience. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE. I don't know how much 2015 has thought me to take chances. I was definitely scared of trying new things that was out of my comfort zone, but I could not be more wrong. I can honestly say that 2015 has made me a much stronger, wiser, happier person because I took chances. Yes, we are all bound to fall sometimes but at least we knew how it felt? No regrets!

4. Growing up is not easy.
2015 was also the year I started college. I can still remember writing on my blog the day before, writing about how nervous I was about starting college. What I would say to freshman self is, to hold on really tight, be strong, don't cry, and smile because its a really long and bumpy ride. Moving from high school, where most of everyday is basically planned out for you, to college where everyday is basically up to you is frightening. You are being forced to pulled away from what you know, to something you know completely nothing about. You slowly kind of lose touch of some people you use to talk to or see everyday. You are pushed with so much responsibility you can't even handle. And you kind of just want to go back to when you were watching raindrops roll down your car window. But this is life, reality and in the end, you get up because you have to grow up. And slowly but surely, you get use to it. I can even see it in myself, how much I've grown. And for once, I'm quite proud of myself.


5. Its okay to not be okay.
I think 2015 was the year I finally learned to accept who I really am. I am still growing up am still finding myself and who I am. Somethings may  change and somethings may stay the same. But I am proud to say that 2015 was the year I was being myself. I am not going to lie, all the years before this I would be a different person around different people at times. And I was very unsteady about who I was. In 2015, I can honestly say I did not try to act a different person around anyone. I'm really glad I did so, because I finally felt so much happier surrounding myself with people who accepted me. When you realize that its okay to be you, I promise you will be so much happier. Its okay to cry and be emotional, its okay to like some crappy music someone else hates, its okay to like a mainstream band, its okay to get angry sometimes, its okay to like what you like because you are allowed to. Just accept the fact that you are that way, and you can't change yourself. So why lie to yourself and change who you are for the sake of other people?

    2015 was an incredible year because I learned the most this year. I experienced the most this year, I became who I really was this year. I made many mistakes and learned from people that I never knew could teach me and realized that there is really more to life than just to live. This time last year, I was hoping for a good year. Instead I got an incredible one. I did not get everything I wanted, but I got other things that I didn't even know I needed and experienced things that I never saw coming. Feel free to comment down below what are the 5 things you have learnt in 2015. I would love to read them.
     I hope you all had a great 2015. I have high hopes for you 2016. Happy New Year everyone.

Rachel Khloe Phan