Monday, 17 August 2015

Living in the Now

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| Theme Song : Runaway- The Galantis |

| Jacket- Esprit | Blouse- H&M | Jeans- Zara | Sunglasses- Flea Market | Shoes- Topshop | Bracelet- Heart Attack | Earrings- Mango | Belt- Esprit |

         These last few days have been pretty busy. And for once its actually not about school (though I still have a ton of work to do). These last few days have been late night honest conversations, city lights, independent train adventures, laughing till my stomach hurts, really nice smelling apple body scrubs, late night drives and scented candles.
         Where do I start? Well the highlight of last week was probably attending KL fashion week. I was clearly not invited (yet) but I really wanted to get in. Like I had this gut feeling I needed to get in. My friend Emelia and I was watching from the 3rd floor at pavilion. I kept getting excited and telling Emelia how awesome this whole thing actually was. I turned to her and said "We need to get in, lets go get in".
        So we went down to the front registration and there were people crowding around and like those belt barrier things was covering the entrance. I was looking around trying to like find a way to get in, but this was for invited guest only. But then, Emelia made eye contact with the lady at the entrance. The lady at the front registration mouthed the words like "You wanna go in?" to Emelia, and pointed her thumbs towards the entrance. Emelia nodded and called me over. The guard opened that belt barrier thingy for us and let us in. To this day, Emelia addresses her as her "home gurl". We are forever grateful for our home gurl.
         I couldn't believe it. I didn't know if it was because of our outfits or just because there were some empty seats, or the show was already half way through, but it was definitely luck. Walking down the stairs to the end of runway where all the photographers were standing at, was kind of a surreal moment for me. I was like shaking with excitement. I kept squeezing Emelia's hand saying "I can't believe we got in".
Sorry for the blury pictures! I was trying to savor the moment.
         I loved every single thing about about it. The camera's, the tall tall models, the very stylish crowd, the invited guest strutting around walking so confidently, the differences in fashion, the way each individual was not shy about expressing their own sense of style, the very professional looking make up on their faces, the flash of camera's everywhere, the smell of expensive perfume as people walk by, right down to the brightly long runway. I loved every thing about it. I couldn't stop thinking how awesome everything was and how much I wanted to get to this point one day. And in this moments was when I realized how much I love what I'm doing and how much I am sure I'm doing the right thing.
         And maybe I'm exaggerating, and its not such a big deal. Maybe they had let anyone get in. But it doesn't really matter to me because this whole experience had made me feel motivated again. It made me happy and in my book, a day to remember forever.        
        Location for this very hot photo shoot was on the 42nd floor with Emelia. Credits to her for all these photos. Lots of love Emelia. We were actually rushing because we wanted to catch the shuttle van from my apartment to Pavilion. Nonetheless, it was a successful one. This top is no stranger. I think I wear this top way too much. But its just so versatile and matches literally anything. These jeans though. I am wearing it a lot now. It is so comfortable and I love how its high rise. These shoes are just gladiators from Topshop that has a a short heel to give some height, but is still comfortable. This leather jacket you know too well. What can I say? It just gives the whole outfit a much edgier look. I topped it off with a belt, matching earrings and a red lip, to give the whole look some color.
This is Emelia. Without her the day would never be the same.
          I actually feel extremely grateful for this past couple of days. Trying to yolo as much as I can. I'm surprising myself with how much I've been so daring. To birthday surprises, watching the sun set while my classmates and i went swimming one day, meeting my friend Sam for the last time in a long time before I get to see her again as she is going far away to study, dancing to "Nae nae" in the comfort of Jasmine's bedroom, to looking outside the window, appreciating the city lights that light up at at midnight, to going to places I've never been before. I hate to admit how cheesy I am with appreciating all these little moments, but what can I say? I'm an old soul. Cheers to the little things in life that we will look back in the future and smile upon.

Rachel Khloe Phan