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5 Things I Learned In College So Far

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      Its been a while. And one word will explain it all. College.
      Its 8:22 p.m. on a Friday. ITS SEM BREAK AND I AM SO HAPPY. This is a the first time in a very long time that I actually have nothing to do. I am as free as a bird. No assignments, no waking up early, no sewing, no drawing. Nothing.
      I know I'm going crazy but I am just so bored. I literally just ended class like 4 hours ago. Having to constantly be working all the time to actually not doing anything at all. Its weird. But nonetheless, I have taken so much from my 2 semesters in college. It wasn't easy at all and its only going to get harder. I can hear every word my seniors have been telling me on my 1st day at college. I still have a year and a half more to go till I graduate, but this is what I've learned so far being in college.

1. Becoming Miss Independent. 
Even though in my case, I am living with my parents, I've never felt more independent. My parents are always busy working and sometimes I need to find my own transport home, or to go to school, or even to hang out with my friends. What every college student tells you,  with responsibilities and all that its all true. But the bottom line is that, you would find yourself being a lone. A lot. Yeah you go out a lot with your pals, and you spend a lot of time in school surrounded by  lot of people. But what about other times? And me being alone was like finding myself. I learned a whole lot about myself. And to find happiness within myself. Because that's when you sort of realize that you don't need to rely on anyone else to feel happy. And you just need to look around because you are never alone. Ever.
A picture taken with my classmates and I when we were on a trip to Penang we took not too long ago over a long weekend.
Surprise visit from my kawans for my birthday. Partying with potatoes, eggplants and Disney princesses party hats was rad. 
Ice-cream on a hot day with Elaineeee
A gangster photo shoot I had with the one, the only Ardie.
2. Its all about the money $
College no doubt eats your money up like a parking ticket machine. You can't really go to places where you go to eat with your parents or family, or go shopping regularly at Forever 21 or even drink Starbucks every morning, because quite frankly, you're paying honey (Not unless you do have money then you can la). With textbooks to buy, and materials that was listed on a piece of paper your lecturer gave you on the first day of school to buy, you're gonna have to crash that piggy bank you've been saving up to buy that iphone 7. Where you eat, taxi/train fares all becomes an issue. Its best to save up and eat at more decent places that is clean and that has good food. Be sure to have your ATM card all the time. Trust me. Mamak stalls are always huge money saver.

3. Food will not always be there.
I have classes from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on most mornings. And my classes in the afternoon starts at 2. That's an hour to eat. If you go down to the canteen to eat its all good, but most of the time I would be halfway through doing my assignments with my things spread all over the table, and I don't leave my spot. "I'm nearly done!" will always be my excuse but surely I'm not. There are mistakes and things that needs covering up which takes up more time. Most of the time, my classmates and I don't even realize the time that passes by as we are concentrating on our work too much. What saved me from starvation are energy bars. They are great to fill your stomach and quench the hunger for just a while until class ends. I always have one in my bag and it seems to come in really handy all the time.
Recommendation for energy bars are below :)


Some of my Draping Projects

My Final Skirt Project for Drafting that I am quite proud of
My final Mask Project for Color Theory in my 1st semester
4. Catchy tunes are everything. 

 When you are at school at 10 p.m. at night, wishing you were home but omg "I freaking need to finish my assignment". I get it. It sucks. When you are in the classroom with bad lighting and a oily face, you just want to go home and crawl into bed. Maybe take a nice shower. Maybe re-watching "How I Met Your Mother". I get it. Been there, done that. But the ugly truth is that you can't. You need to get your ass back in there and finish it. The faster you finish it, the faster you can go. Put your headphones on and turn up the volume. Turn on your jam to keep you going and on your feet. This has saved me more than a few times.

5. It is not easy. At all.
Going into some foreign place with no one you know and places you've never been is super scary. Whether or not you meet nice people, life goes on. You've started a new book with new chaptes and unwritten pages. The pen is right in your hand and when you take your first step onto college grounds, the pen instantly starts scribbling away. It hasn't been the easiest for me. I'm not good with change and am still trying to adjust. Everything I'm learning is so new, and I might be a little slow with learning everything. It isn't exactly easy for me. You are going to miss your old friends, you are going to miss your home, you are going to miss your family, you are going to miss everything about what is familiar to you. And the only person that can help you, is well, you. And that's what I've learned most of all is that, you've got to be your own soldier. Fight for yourself.

    A few things I've picked up from my trail of knowledge. If you can relate to anything I said, well I feel you. If you have any more to add, please TELL ME! We will share the wisdom together.  I honestly don't know if anyone else feels this way because I go to school and see everyone doing just fine. But really, what do I know.
   I kind of feel nostalgic now looking back at all these photo's and how time passes by so fast. These last 6 months have been such a ride. I love the spirit of adventure and the awaiting of what is coming next. I am so excited with every gut in my body for what is coming. It wasn't always easy but I can really see how much I'm growing and learning. And I feel so fortunate.
    Alright then, going to annoy my friends bugging them to hang out just to kill this boredom inside of me. Until next time.

Uplifting songs :
1. Superheroes- The Script

2. Shut Up And Dance With Me- Walk the Moon 

3. Settle Down-1975 
Not really a motivational song but it always puts me in a good mood

4. This Time- Glee

5. Fight Song- Rachel Platten

6. The Days- Avicii 

7. Love Will Set You Free- Kodaline

Motivational Videos
1. Stressed Out? Tips for Relaxing and Letting Go- Ingrid Nilsen

2. Why Low Expectations Are Good- Jenna Marbles

3. 10 Things I Learned In College- Clothesencounters (ImJennim)

Recommended Energy Bars.
These are some energy bars that I found that don't taste like bird food.
1. Alpen Energy Bars.
The Strawberry & Yogurt ones are my favorite

2. Nature Valley Energy Bars
Honey & Oats are my favorite

Recommended Apps to download
1. Food Panda-  (If you live in Malaysia)
Deliver food straight to your doorstep!! (Great for nights where you just don't want to get out from bed after a long day)

2. MyTeksi (Malaysia and Singapore Only)
Get Around town! Cab comes in 15 minutes tops. Safe at a reasonable price

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