Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Break

| Dress- H&M | Sandals- Stall in Bali | Bracelet- Australian Sunday Market | Watch- Elle |

        KL seems to be raining more and more these days. Which isn't so bad because it has been bloody hot. Well there has been a series of hazy days where you can actually take a step out into the open and smell smoke and also days where you step out into the open and realise you forgot to bring a umbrella and curse to yourself because it is pouring rain outside.
      Relaxation..ah the best form of just doing nothing. That has been me for these past few days. I've decided to take a break from everything and stay at home in my cosy bed. I'm planning on practising on my fashion sketching and also my drawings. I have been having a "Friends" marathon. I'm at my 7/10 season! EPP! I remember watching Friends when I was a kid because my mom use to watch it everyday! It is like my childhood show.
    Other than constantly wishing Rachel and Ross would just freaking get together already, I have been giving myself time to slow down a little and get my thoughts together again. I've been trying to get my health and sleeping schedule back on track. The last few weeks before my break started I think I was the worst in the health department of my body. I didn't have enough sleep, I was on a coffee diet, I didn't eat healthy. Everything was out of control. And now I'm just trying to get everything back on track. I've been hitting the gym everyday and eating organic popcorn (which actually taste exactly like the normal popcorn, but with way waaaaay less calories).
     I've also been trying to take more risk!I dyed my hair! I've been wanting to do it for such a long time with like contemplating back and forth. The main reason why I didn't want to do it was because I'd have to bleach it. But this time I'm just like whatever. If I don't do it now, when will I ever? And it didn't turn out so bad, its actually growing on me more and more. I just think that if I don't take the risk now, when will I ever? I'm turning 18 this year and I'm allowed to go and try new things and make mistakes. So I'm just going to open my eyes a bit more and just do it. 
     In the pictures, I went for a I"m-on-a-vacation-by-the-beach look. I'm wearing a dress made of linen which is an extremely cooling fabric to wear when it is hot. The Egyptians were actually the first to use linen because it was a very light and cooling fabric to wear in the desert. The sandals are my beat up sandals I got from Bali that was only around RM 35 I think? I took out my glue gun and glued that whole thing together to stop the beads and the sole from falling apart. My accessories are minimal with a bracelet my grandmother got from Australia and my trusty watch. 
     Okay, I promise myself that I am going to get out of this bed tomorrow. I have plans with some friends and its probably about time I go out and get the snowball of my adventures rolling. I'm just so restless now. I feel like I would want to go do anything now. I WANT TO GO OUT. Oh my I think I've been home for way too long.

The sunset view from my apartment 

Rachel Khloe Phan

Saturday, 21 March 2015

More and more Adventures

| Dress- H&M | Boots- Topshop |

    Its been like 2 weeks, I know! There has been so much going on in my life and its been a hell of 2 weeks I can tell you that. These past few weeks have been sleeping at 4 a.m. and coffee, breakouts and eye bags and lots of water (just to try and get back all those sleep?). If you are in college or university, you probably will know that final week of the semester is probably the busiest. Its all the "FINAL PROJECTS" and "FINAL EXAMS" all in one week???  Totally craaaaazy. I hardly had time for myself.
   And finally.. after 2 weeks of sleep deprivation and stress, I'm got through and I have a 2 week semester break!!! I am taking this time to just relax and re-watch 10 season of Friends, because apparently next semester is going to be hell, well according to my seniors. Its production class where i get to actually start making clothes!! I'm excited and nervous well because I know its going to be hard.
    So these past few weeks have been hard but its has also been such a ride. For the first time I actually feel like I'm growing. I've been on so many adventures, I feel like my New Years resolution is like slapping my face left right and centre. And I could not be more grateful because its been a hell of a ride.A few of which included getting get caught in the rain (while Willy left his umbrella in the car and counted on a plastic bag to keep him from getting wet which I thought was stupid), taking more public transport (with the smell of cheap perfume and body odour), walking along wet sidewalks, eating some really really good Korean food, and dramatic situations in school. Oh there were bad times too, like feeling so tired till the skin around your eyes feel numb, breaking out all over my face and lots of emotions. At one point it all got too much for me I just broke down. Because I'm always like that when it get all too much and everything feels like a handful I just go to a corner and shed a few tears without anyone looking and then I suck it up and tell myself to be strong. Then I open the bathroom door and I am okay again. I just tell myself its time to slay this shit.
    Its just kind of my way of letting everything out and getting back up again when something or someone pushes you down. I'm a very emotional person. But someone once told me "That's good, its good to be emotional" when I said that. And you know what it is good. And the best part is that I'm growing. I feel like I'm actually learning so many new things and experiencing things I had never done before. Meeting new people and learning new roads, walking on streets just totally relying on the GPS. Its all such a big growing process I'm having so much fun, I can't get enough of it.
    What I said in my "Limitless" post is all definitely true. I can't believe how much is happening. I have to say I'm having so much fun so far. I can't wait for the future. Cheers to even more limitless dreams

 China Town adventures
He calls it "The Willy Smirk"  

 Then it started to rain and we all got wet

 Jeanette is the cutest

Rachel Khloe Phan