Friday, 27 February 2015


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| A sweet escape just for a little while |

         The smell of Kuching air never smelled better when I landed at the airport at 12:00 a.m. midnight on a Friday morning (27/2/14). I also did not expect my friends to be at the airport! I was completely shocked and surprised but I definitely could not wipe the smile off my face. First thing I thought of on the ride from the airport to my grandparents house was "It is so freaking good to be back".
       To say I missed Kuching was an understatement. I missed the friendly people, I missed the non-jammed roads, I missed the open-free-spacious surrounding landscape, I miss how the town is so small that everywhere you go you are bound to meet someone. I missed every little thing, right down to the clean sidewalks.
     I did not waste a second to spare and I had such a great time. I hanged out with my friends almost everyday. I definitely cannot mention every single detail but the hangouts ranged from singing out loud to "Uptown Funk" in the car with the windows down (to random strangers outside), singing along to oldies (SO SAD, SO SAD, ITS A SAD SAD SITUATION), late night cheap and really good hawker stall food, lots of Polaroids, solving mazes in really dark rooms, laughing so much until tears were shed, watching (ahem) movies, late night chatting, late night instant noodles, snacking on leftover Chinese New Year food, hipster coffee shops, not-ready-yet Slurpee at 7/11 and farts. I had such a great time, I was just so tired by the end of the day.
    I had 3 major things I had to do while I was back.
1. Get my braces off.
2. Pass my driving test and get my driving licence.
3. Get my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) results. (Basically the most important exam of your high school life).
     I GOT MY BRACES OFF AND IT FEELS SO WEIRD. I keep licking my teeth. It feels so empty? People who had braces before would understand (fist bump). Nonetheless it feels damn good.
    I had to do number 2 and 3 on the same day. So imagine how it must have been. I took my driving test and passed (ALLELUIA) and had to go straight to school to get my results after. I wasn't alone on that quest that day. I met YuCha (Its not his real nice but I couldn't remember it so I just gave him a nickname. Ha ha). We were both on the same boat but managed to get through the day and passed with flying colours. My SPM results might not have been the best, but I have happy with it. Because I did honestly try my best, I studied like a maniac and manage to even surprise myself. I am proud and happy because I have no regrets. Then after I went to a coffee shop and waited for Emelia. I just sat there with my hot chocolate and apple crumble pie and had deep thoughts (with relaxing music in the background). It was like my mini celebration for myself because I accomplised everything i came back to do and now its the end and I need to snap back to reality.
   Kuching is like a safe ground for me. Its sort of that place you can always come home to and feel safe. Heck, when I went back I felt so freaking safe and at home as compared to living in the city where you have to constantly look behind your back. Its just such a nice time to relax and reminisce on everything. Going back to my school, to my grandparents house, to familiar childhood places just really feels so nostalgic. Having to already go through letting go all those memories, really felt so so nostalgic going back. Home is always nice.
     I know I keep saying the word safe but really everything felt so safe and okay. Its sort of like when you are at the supermarket and you suddenly lose sight of your mom and you run around looking for her trying not to have that panic look on your face. And then when you do find her, you are like OMG Thank God. I had that OMG Thank God moment when I got back. Everything was familiar and okay. Compared to these few days where I still don't know exactly how to get to my apartment, it feels so nice to actually feel safe. It was like my little getaway just at least for a while.
    The day I went back to college, to KL. Oh my gosh I would have been Miss Slacker of the day. I am so behind on so many things and I ran around like a headless chicken. I honestly had too much fun and had forgotten on all the things I had to do in college. After all that, I got home and took out my daily calender and said to myself "Time to get my shit together".
    I honestly had too too much fun haha. But no regrets because I had such a good time. I am on track again and trying to catch up with everything.
    I also am very dissapointed with myself for not bringing my battery for my camera and had to take pics with phones only. I AM SO SORRY! I hate the uneven photos as much and hopefully won't happen again!
    Home is always good. Its was such a nice time and I had the best time. Going to get back on track with all my assignments and live in this fast-paced city. Hope everyone has a great week. Will blog soon ;)

Rachel Khloe Phan

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The New Normal

| Fashion |

| The getting use to the new daily routine |

| Shirt- Mango (MNG) | Leather Jacket- Esprit | Jeans - Uniqlo | Boots- Topshop |

       Hello the wonderful people of the Earth. What is up? As of now I am incredibly exhausted. Its Chinese New Year tomorrow and everything IS GOING BY SO FAST. I just realized that I am already three quarters into my 1st term in college. Its pretty crazy.
        Yesterday was probably one of the most adventurous and independent feeling day of my life. The day started when my brother, mother and I went to the train station nearby and we met my friend Jasmine at KL Central. Jasmine and I have been friends since I was like 11? It was an emotional moment when we hugged. I MISSED HER SO MUCH. 
      The day consisted of us taking numerous train rides that ranged from empty trains and also trains packed like sardines. It also consisted of grumpy taxi drivers, weird smelling places, a lot and a lot of walking (to the point where I had to buy flip flops because my feet was so painful), meeting new friendly people, going to hipster coffee shops (that had really good coffee) and a nasty stare from a lady (for no apparent reason at all). Overall it was just such an adventurous day we ended up staring into space on the train ride back because we were just so incredibly tired.
      I think yesterday, I finally felt like I was actually just really use to this new way of living. The city life. Before yesterday I literally had never taken a train ride alone, or go to a place not so familiar without my family. When I was on the train back to my place in the city alone, I remembered feeling fine. Like I wasn't feeling scared or weird. I think I just really got use to it. The surroundings when you take public transport is actually really interesting. The surrounding will be filled with many working adults on their phones wearing earphones with their briefcase, students (like myself) carrying backpacks wearing earphones as well, kids that was so fascinated by taking the train, going around poles and looking out the window. Everyone just looks like they know what they are doing. And then there's me that is just guessing and hoping, praying I'll get home.
     Other than having sore feet and clothes that smell like fried food and smoke that has been absorbed in, I feel incredibly independent. Its like I'm really growing up and its starting to sink in that I'm actually starting to be okay with that.
     Lets talk about clothes. We took this photo shoot alongside a walkway that is nearby my college. It had that Parisian feel and my friend Ted and I spent like half an hour taking pictures after having lunch. I love the fall season and wished Malaysia had it. Mostly because the outfits are so nice. Fall is when its not too hot but not too cold either which just gives your wardrope endless of options. I wore a classic denim shirt, you can never go wrong. My skinny jeans gave some shape to the outfit and booties. My leather jacket that makes any outfit look instantly better (and badass). 
    I wanted adventure and I definitely got it. I'm happy my new year's resolution list is coming along and I'm actually accomplishing things. I am having the most fun taking public transport (even if i'm still a complete noob), walking a whole lot, meeting new people and going on just new adventures. I'm excited for the future and what is to come.
    Tomorrow is Chinese New Year! Going to blog about fire works, good food, new clothes and ang pao's real soon. I'm trying not to freak out about the amount of assignments I have to complete before the holiday is over. Cheers to a great day.

Rachel Khloe Phan 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

        Its the 15th of Feuary. I'm a day late I know. I just had a craaaaazy week filled with assignments, assignments, assignments and, wait did I say assignments? Its crazy how many things you have to do once you are in college.
      Ahhh Valentine's Day. Some people look forward to it, most people dread it. People who look forward to it are most probably in a relationship, and people who dread it are probably single. Well I'm probably in a whole new category. I like Valentine's Day, despite being single.
     Yeah I'm that girl. The girl that loves seeing boys give roses to girls, reading incredibly cheesy post that couples post on Instagram, and watching people buy flowers on Valentine's Day. I like the atmosphere the day holds. I blame Valentine's Day the movie.
     If you already don't know I am into that lovey dovey stuff. I am girly I admit that. And I am now accepting that there is nothing wrong with that.
     Relationships to me are incredibly special. Love can make you the happiest person in the world. Like have you ever felt like when you had that crush, and he text you back or he called and you just feel so freaking happy the whole day. Its all because of love. Its the only thing in this world that can truly give you happiness and I find that incredibly special.
    Relationships are also something really serious to me. I don't want to get too personal with this post. But I would just like to conclude that Valentine's Day is a day special to someone out there. Yes we should act like everyday is Valentine's Day and all that but, its just nice to have one day that everyone can really proclaim a day exceptionally special.
    When I was in high school, Valentine's Day was always very special. Partly because a few clubs in my school will carry out a "Valentine's Day sale" which provided sales exchanges between schools in Kuching. I was in one of those clubs, Leo Club (ROAR!ROAR!ROAR!). I was in-charge of that project for 2 years. And I had the most fun (even though I was single for those years). I liked delivering the goods and going from class to class. I like to see the oh so shy expression on their faces when they do get a gift. I liked sneakily reading all the cards that was sent. I liked to think of myself as the cupid on that day.
     As sad as I sound, it actually isn't at all. Because I too had received gifts on that day. Not from secret lovers but from friends. Every year we would get each other something, always joking around about being single on the card. And if Valentine's Day is to celebrate love, then why can't everyone celebrate as well? Because on Valentine's Day I also celebrate the love that my friends have given me sad or happy, lonely or not, single or taken. Celebration of love from family. Love that you can never replace I am ultimately blessed because love is all around me
     And until I actually find Mr.Right, I am in no rush. Because what is there to rush for? I am a true believer in fate. That at the right time, at the right place, and the right guy magic will happen. And maybe, I will meet a guy that won't be Mr.Right or maybe I did meet him but let him go. I will let my future self decide that. But for now, I am happy the way I am.
     I spent the day shopping with my mother buying 50% off items, having this photo shoot with my brother, and working on my "An Art Interpretation of Me" project I'll probably blog about later on. I had Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Mid Term test tomorrow. I revised just now and hoping for the best! Wish me luck and I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Here are some pictures we took.

I am only joking

Rachel Khloe Phan